Misc Your Songs - I Suck tab

 "I Suck" written by some unrealistic fag who has nothing better to do 
                     than write out some dumb song on some guitar website

Intro Riff: 1------------------------------------------------- 2------------------------------------------------- 3------------------------------------------------- 4------------------------------------------------- 5------------------------------------------------- 6--0--1--4--7--5--19--2--4--9--13--8--2--5--3--1--
Lyrics/Chords: D7 G D7 G A Oooohh, I suck, Ooooohh, I suck really bad (repeat three times) Interlude: A B G D A C A B G D A C A B G D A C A D5 G5 D5 G5 A5 Ooooohh, I suck, Ooooohh, I f****** suck ass! Outro Chord: F#sus4(b5)#13 2003 Fagghetto Musik
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