Misc Your Songs - Lets Tie Ourself To Whales And Burn Down All The Trees tab

i wrote this song 4 my band im only 13 and i have 7 songs ready 2 record

tabbed by:eye_icklebrainstew intro riffe-----------------------------------------------------------------b-----------------------------------------------------------------g-----------------------------------------------------------------d--222-2-h3-2--222-2-h3-2--111-2-h3-2--2/6--9-7-6-7-6------------- x 2a--333-------3-222-------3-222-------3-3/7------------7-----------e-----------------------------------------------------------------
verses e-----------------------b-----------------------g-----------------------d-121212-999-777-555----on last line do this d-3a-121212-999-777-555---- a-3 let ring e-101010-777-555-333---- e-1
well thats my song i didnt rite out lyrics 4 it but i mite when ive finished them. dont steal my riffs bcoz i spent loads of time on them(5 mins)C 15 april 2003
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