Misc Your Songs – Weissman Joe - Honey Hill tab

Honey Hill
by Joe Weissman

F#		F#sus4
It’s a face that I know
Bm		F#
Better than anyone
F#			F#sus4
Though I haven’t seen you
Bm			C
Since last year in the sun

F#              F#sus4
Hope that I can pass you
Bm               F#
Nod my head and smile
F#               F#sus4
You turn around and say
Bm                      C
“Where you been all this while?”

(now keep playing the same chords for the other verses)

Tell you I’ve been walking
Through the streets of my mind
Asking if you are real
Or just a memory to find

It’s a different mindset
The good and the truth
While guns are still around me
I’m dreaming of a truce

C#m7		Bmaj7
Walking up on Honey Hill
C#m7		Bmaj7
I wanna see you there
C#m7		Bmaj7
You’re gonna see my emotions spill
C#m7		Bmaj7
Cos this is all too rare
F# Bm
Gonna see you there
F#	Bm	C x2

When your phone ain’t working
I don’t know where to turn
And when my heart is broken
I’ve got a lot to learn

Is this all I’m made of?
Melodies and guitars
My friends light up the night sky
But you’re my shooting star
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