Misc Your Songs - Edgehead7 - Oedipus Rex Act 3 tab

			     Oedipus Rex (Act 3)- Edgehead7

 Here is a tab for all you Greek drama people out there.

 Tuning: Standard

D   xx0232
G   320003
E   022100
C   x32010
Am  x02210
Em  022000

  E              C            G
 For too long, Oedipus had pondered on the past

    E                C        G
 Wondering if the oracle was true

       E          C              G
 The answer soon came with the messenger

  E     C         G
 Who brought the news

    D        C             G
 Jocasta questioned him; found that Polybus was dead

   D                     C                   G
 That's right, Oedipus' so-called dad; he's dead, that's what I said

    D      C         G
 Sickness took ol' Polybus down

 D          C              G
 He just couldn't win the fight

        D     C               G
 But Oedipus was supposed to kill him

  D        C          G
 Was the oracle just not right?

    D          C                    G
 Reassurance slightly returned to Oedipus' head

     D          C                         G
 But he still feared the thought of his mother's bed

  D           C              G
 Away from Corinth, Oedipus would stay

  D         C     (No chords)  G
 Would he return? Yeah right, that would be the day

       Am             C           G
 The messenger then brought even more dreadful words

 Am              C             G
 He had saved Oedipus while watching his herd

  Am          C       G
 Doubt was present; visions were blurred

       Am              C      G
 The thought of the situation was just absurd

       Am            C            G
 But there were the scars of the pins and the tree

       Am      C                      E
 And Jocasta found the truth of her shady memories

   G      Em            C         D
 Oedipus sent for the servant of Laius the king

  G          Em       C       D
 Not looking out for his own well being

    G           Em              C              D
 Oedipus was determined, the questions he did ask

 G       Em        C            D
 He must know the truth of his past

        G            Em            C               D
 The shepherd was reluctant; the secrets he would not reveal

  G                 Em     C            D
 The suspense is building; it all seems so surreal

  G                       Em       C                D
 After threatening the shepherd, trying to start a brawl

  Am                      C         G
 Oedipus found that the oracle was true after all

   Am     C          G
 Jocasta found the truth out all along

 Am           C         G
 Her and her son, eww, that's just wrong

 Am                   C           G
 She knew what had happened, her mind was a wreck

       Am            C               G
 She found eternal happiness in the rope around her neck

   Am                C                G
 Oedipus heard that she was dead; he broke into the chamber

    Am            C                  G
 He saw Jocasta hanging there; he couldn't control his anger

  Am (softly)
 Sooo..... (Here comes Slipknot)

 (no chords)                  E
 He pushed the pins into his eyes

           C                                  E
 It's the only thing that slowly stopped the pain

     C                         E
 Of his denial, it was all in vain

  C                       E
 His decree, he must now obey

       D           C             E
 And forever, in exile he will stay.
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