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	Kool Aid Gangsta Rap- Edgehead7


  (Play while rapping)

e|---------------|------------------------| B|---------------|------------------------| G|---------------|-----------3-3-1--------| D|-0-0h1-0--3-1--|--0-0h1-0---------------| A|---------------|------------------------| E|---------------|------------------------|
Yo, what's up, I am the Kool-Aid I am tasty in the shade, yo I got ice in my top An easy-open top, all you do is pop Word. Representing all flavors out there Oh Yeah! We got orange Kool-Aid, grape Kool-Aid, even apple Kool-Aid's the best; who needs Snapple? Sugary goodness in a bowl Kool-Aid's so delicious, it'll steal your soul Drop in some ice to make it cold And you'll be ready to rock and roll OH YEAH!
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