Misc Your Songs - Tony Smart - Ballad Of A Lonely Mind tab

Tony Smart
"Ballad of a Lonely Mind"
Standard Tuning
Tempo is moderate

This is one I wrote after a pretty weird day...one of those reflection
type days...no chorus, just a song that tells a story... 

Ok...some chords i don't know the names to, so bear with me...
although it's mostly barre chords i play it with a CAPO on the 2nd fret.

Chords Used:

   Em     Bm     A      D      C?      D?     G

Intro: Em, Bm, A, D, C?, D?, G, C?, D?, C? Verse 1: Em Bm Drivin' last night put my thoughts out of sight, A D stopped in an old bar and grille. Em Bm My mind was weak and tired it seemed, A D I had a few hours to kill. Em Bm I walked in the bar and sat next to a man, A D who was dyin' of the same disease. Em Bm He was much older and wiser than me, A D C?, D?,G, C?, D?, C? he said son won't ya listen please. Same progression throughout song; Proceeding Verses: He started to tell me his life story, things that he'd done and seen. He told me of failure and he told me of glory, he said someday you'll know what i mean. He said, one thing, son, don't do what I've done, spend your life chasin' down your dreams. 'Cause once you know you've gotta let 'em all go, it's too late and then you're me. As for love keep your head above your heart and you'll be fine. Don't let your heart lead, don't let your heart bleed, it's best if you leave it behind. They say that it's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. But i've been there a thousand times, and love's the worst feeling of all. He said one thing kid, don't do what i did, listen and take my advice. Take your time, ignore all the signs, you live once, you don't live twice. As for me it's too late to be, anything but what i am. And i paid for his beer and he frowned ear to ear, and he left as he shook my hand. Last verse...strum each chord once And i sat there with a distant stare, tried to figure out what it all means. And i know that night i let go of my life, my hope, and all of my dreams. Outro same as intro, end with C? and let ring.
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