Misc Your Songs - Lexter - Hey Friend tab

Hey Friend - Lexter
Tabbed by: anonymous aka 'Sisters of Charity' haha
Standard Tuning: EADGBe

[intro/verse] G-D/F-Em7-C9

[chorus] G-D-Em7-C9
[bridge] Em7-D-C9 [pota kau kung papakita ko pa tabs nila!!!] this is the song: STRUM IT WITH PASSION TO GET THE TIMING... hahaha [verse1] G D/F Em7 C9 Hey friend, do you have a minute? G D/F Em7 C9 I wanna tell you something... G D/F Em7 C9 Its about you and me, and the way I've been acting G D/F Em7 C9 Did you know, I've been keeping this for a long time [chorus] G D Hey friend I've fallen for you Em7 C9 And what I feel for you is true G D I dont care if you like someone else Em7 C9 Im gonna win you back [verse2] G D/F Em7 C9 Oh I didnt expect this to happen G D/F Em7 C9 I wasnt so sure of what Im feeling at first [strumming gets fast here] G But then it happened so fast D/F And I said it wont last Em7 C9 But look at me now, Im singing here for you [chorus] strumming back to normal [bridge] Em7 D C9 And now you know what Im feeling for you Em7 D C9 You're gonna go away wont you? Em7 D C9 C9-5x Just like the others who came by... [chorus] [chorus2] G D And I wont give up on you Em7 C9 Coz what I feel for you is so damn true G D I dont care with what everyone thinks Em7 C9-C9-G strum G with passion for a good ending!! Im gonna win you back
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