Misc Your Songs - Sasha Yatchenko - Broken Eyes tab

ok now this is a song I wrote myself. I'm only 11 so give me a break. the chords are
really easy and it has a nice melody. i got inspired to write this song from a recent
event that has changed my whole school and so I dedicate this song to josh.

capo 4

C            Em             Am                       G   
we walk like we never knew, but all this time it was hidden within you. You 

walk away like you don't care, but your the one whos wondering where. your 

hearts beating slow, you said don't let go...but I accidentaly slipped. 

whats this world turning into? we wonder each minute, you act like you care 

but your the one who wants to win it!

F                   C                    Dm                Em    
through broken eyes we see a world thats just beginning to uncurl. we dont 

know how we dont know where but its sweeping us from the ground. at first I

I was lost, but now I am found, I still haven't hit the ground. I'm holding 

on strong like you would want me to, and thats the best that I can do.
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