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Hello, it's Justin. I wrote this song at time in my life when I felt that God was far
me. It's a cry from my heart telling my Savior that I long to be with Him, and that there
nothing that can compare to His love. I hope that you will enjoy playing this song, but 
warn you, the tempo and melody are hard to find, but I'm sure you can figure it out. Godbless

(verse one)
  E        A           Asus      D            Dsus
earthly romance I have had but I wanna be with You

G5            C2     Dsus
how can this world compare

E             A             Asus  D        Dsus
with all the love You've spoken, spoken to me

G5         C2            Dsus
how can I doubt that You care

 C      Em      D    G5     C2
take me away oh God, let me shower You with my love

C            G        Em       Dsus D  Em7
I wanna be alone with You, for You are more

Em            G          C
more than my dream come true

Em      G5           Em7    D    C2
You are more than my dream come true

(verse 2)
E       A             Asus           D          Dsus
Your romance I have tasted and Your love I have felt

    G5        C2       Dsus
But won't You come and dance

E      A            Asus           D        Dsus
Can I stay with You now, and stay with You forever

  G5          C2          Dsus
I want to be held in Your hands
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