Misc - The Weather Network Song tab

----The Weather Network Song-----
        *this is without kapo if you have one put it on 2nd fret    
    C     F     Am    G
e/--0-----1-----0-----3-----/ *strum with song(not just once)b/--1-----1-----1-----3-----/g/--0-----2-----2-----0-----/d/--2-----3-----2-----0-----/a/--3-----------0-----2-----/E/--------------------3-----/
or pickinge/----------1---------------/b/----1----1-----1----------/g/---0----2-----2-----0-----/d/--2----3-----2-----0------/a/-3----------0-----2-------/E/-----------------3--------/
*make sure that while playing you say random shit about the weather. ex.coming up our longrange forecast or for more details visit the weather network.com
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