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Misc – Dancing In The Dark tab

 (This is just how I play it. Your mileage may vary)
 Cmaj7            |                       |D#dim      |      |  Dm7     |
 Dancing in the dark  Till the tune ends we're dancing in the dark
 Fm6          |              Gm7| C                   |Cm          |Gm
 And it soon ends   we're waltzing in the wonder of why we're here
 Fm              | Db7     |              Ab7      |Fm6      G|
 Time hurries by  we're here and        gone
 Cmaj7         |         |D#dim        |         |Dm7           |
 Looking for the light of a new love to brighten up the night 
 Fm6    |    G7     |C	            |Cm      |Bbm6   |G7-9      G7|
 I have you love and we can face the music toge     ther   
 C                |Fm6        |C       C
 Dancing in the dark
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