Misc – Braveheart tab

HI this is a great tab to play when you are either coming on for a set or just some ting 
to play when your just jamming so here it is 
standard tuning EADGBe

e|-------------B|-------------G|----2---4--1- play this riff x3(on the third time slowD|--2---2---2-- last three notes down)A|-0-----------E|-------------
e|-----------8-7-7h8h7----------B|---8-10-8-----------10-8-10--G|-9---------------------------9 play twiceD|------------------------------A|------------------------------E|------------------------------
e|--------------------B|--8-10-8------------G|-9-------9-7----7--9D|-------------10----- A|-------------------- E|--------------------
You can play the whole thing again if you want but it sounds better repeated without the beging part. also after the end bar play the second bar again for it to sound right ok thats its send your comments abuse or what ever to BAZMAN@LYCOS.CO.UK
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