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		  (And appears in a shorter form than presented here
		   on the Sex Pistols' _Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle_

I originally learned this song from a guy named Jerry who said that he in turn 
learned it while working on shrimp boats in the Gulf.  He called it "On the
Good Ship Venus," and used the first verse as the chorus, but I think I prefer
the Sex Pistol's version a bit better.

Anyway, it's a great drinking song;  you can embellish the guitar bits as
much as you want, but it's easy as a two dollar whore to play as presented,
which is a big bonus if you're in the habit of playing whilst pixillated.


    C		     G	    	     FM7

======O====	====O=O=O==	==========O
| | | | * |	| | | | | |     | | | | * |
|-|-|-|-|-|	|-|-|-|-|-|	|-|-|-|-|-|
| | * | | | | * | | | | | | | * | ||-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-|-|
| * | | | | * | | | | * | | * | | ||-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-|-|| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
C G It was on the good ship Venus C By Christ ya shouldda seen us. FM7 The figurehead was a whore in bed, G C And the mast a mammoth penis. C G The captain of this starker C He wept to leave his mother. FM7 He wasn't fit to shovel shit G C From one place to another. Chorus: C G Friggin' in the riggin' C Friggin' in the riggin' FM7 Friggin' in the riggin' G C There was fuck all else to do. The first mate's name was Morgan. By Christ he was a gorgon. Ten times a day he'd stop and play With 'is reproductive organ. The second mate was Cooper By Christ he was a trooper. He jerked and jerked until he worked Himself into a stupor. [Chorus] The bosun's name was Andy By Christ he had a dandy Until the crushed his cock on a jagged rock For coming in the brandy. The cabin boy was Ripper, He was a randy nipper. He stuffed his ass with broken glass And circumcised the skipper. [Chorus] The Captain's wife was Mabel. To fuck she was not able. So the dirty shits, they nailed her tits Across the barroom table. While crossing the equator The crew did elevate her. She bared her ass on the topmost mast, And dared the crew to mate her. [Chorus] The Captain's daughter Charlotte Was born and raised a harlot. Her thighs were white by the pale moonlight, By morning they were scarlet. The Captain's other daughter Fell in deep sea water, And by her squeals we knew the eels Had found 'er private quarters. [Chorus] While sailing on the ocean We'd often get a notion In cold and heat to beat our meat With a peculiar motion. Sailing on the Sargasso, To make the doldrums pass, Oh We'd launch a spree of buggery Upon each other's ass'oles. [Chorus] We knew sooner or later Approaching the equator That every Jack would have a whack At turning fornicator. Each sailor lad's a brother To each and one another. We'd take great pains at our daisy chains Whilst writing home to mother. [Chorus] [Chorus] -SubGenius
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