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From: gsc3919@gold.acns.fsu.edu (Barney Barney Barney)
Subject: TAB: F.S.U. "Groove Soul Provider"

This is the main Riff to F.S.U.'s "Groove Soul Provider".  I might add,
according to a local zine, the band has considered changing its name to
Groove Soul Providers, but thats just a rumour.

Note: to Han Solo, this is the riff on the Riff Demo's that you said ya
thought was cool...yeah, the Pantera-ish one (duh!)

In Dropped D tuning, Play slow and Pantera-ish, with heavy Distortion

(palm mute the '*') * * -------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-------------------------|-----------------------|-------- |-------------------|-----------------5-4-3-|----------- | --0--0-0-----3-5---|-0--0-0-----3----5-4-3-|-0--0-0-----3-5---|--0--0-0-3/5-------|-0--0-0-3-5---5--5-4-3-|-0--0-0-3h5-------| ^ ^ ^ (accented notes)
* * * * * * * ------------------xx-x-|v|----------------|----------------------xx-x-|e|----------------|------------------------xx-x-|r|----------------|--------- |------------------xx-x-|s|--0-0--0-0---0--|--0-0---0-3h4h5-|--0--0-0-----3---------|e|--0-0--0-0---0--|--0-0---0-3h4h5-|--0--0-0-3/5---3-------| |--0-0--0-0---0--|--0-0---0-3h4h5-| ^ ^
This is the intro riff and the verse riff, in case you couldnt tell. The rest of the song is just a combination of 0/0/0, 2/2/2, 3/3/3, 4/4/4, and the 5/5/5 dropped D power chords. the Bridge is like... (Remember, thick and choppy, use both hands to mute the strings when necessary)
--- |r|----- |e|------- | |p|-2-2-3-2--2-3-2--|-2-3-2-0-2-3-2-|e|-2-2-3-2--2-3-2--|-2-3-2-0-2-3-2-|a|-2-2-3-2--2-3-2--|-2-3-2-0-2-3-2-|t|
------ |---------|-----------|-------0 |--2 3 5--0 |--2 3 5 --0 x 16 |--2 x 16.....3 x 16 (plus the little fill)...5 x 16
Well that's it folks, thanks for the time...heh heh heh MiKE, Groove Soul...
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