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     You can be a big hit with your young kid/nephew/niece/cousin/
friend's kid/complete stranger's kid with this one...

Puff (The Magic Dragon)
Words and Music by Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton, 1963.
(my Peter Paul & Mary songbook has this in Bb; I've transposed to C to
make it easier to play. Purists can, of course, reverse the process.)

C               Em      F            C        F
Puff, the magic drag-on lived by the sea  And frol-icked in the 

C        Am       D7                   G7   C               Em   
au-tumn mist in a land called Ho-nah-Lee-,  Lit-tle Jack-ie Pa-per 

F                 C          F
loved that rascal Puff   And brought him strings and

C       Am      D7    G7    C      G7
sealing wax and other fancy stuff. Oh!

C               Em      F            C        F
Puff, the magic drag-on lived by the sea  And frol-icked in the 

C        Am       D7                   G7   
au-tumn mist in a land called Ho-nah-Lee-,  

C               Em      F            C        F
Puff, the magic drag-on lived by the sea  And frol-icked in the 

C        Am       D7          G7     C
au-tumn mist in a land called Ho-nah-Lee. -  
                  last time to Coda

  (C)                       Em           F                          C
1. - To- get-her they would trav-el on a boat  with  bil-lowed  sail,-
2. - A   drag-on  lives for-ev-er  but   not   so    lit - tle  boys,-
3. - His head was bent in   sor-row      green scales fell like rain,-

   F                  C        Am7        D7                G7
1. Jack-ie  kept  a   look-out perched on Puff's gi-gan-tic tail,
2. Paint-ed wings and gi-ant   rings make way   for oth-er  toys,
3. Puff  no  long-er  went to  play   a - long  the cher-ry lane,  With-

   C                 Em                 F                  C
1. No-ble kings  and princ-es   would   bow when-e'er they came,
2. One grey night it hap-pened, Jack-ie Pa-per   came  no  more    And
3. out his life-long friend             Puff could not be  brave   So

   F                   C           Am7       D7          G7        C     G7
1. Pi-rate ships would low'r their flag when Puff roared out  his  name. Oh!
2. Puff that might-y   drag-on,         he   ceased his  fear-less roar. Oh!
3. Puff that might-y   drag-on,    sad - ly  slipped  in-to his    cave. Oh!

      D7            G7         C F C G7 C
Coda: land  called  Ho - nah - Lee.

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