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Date: 1/7/97; 10:16:21 PM
From: Jim Harrison 
Subject: Silver Haired Daddy of Mine

D                   A                   D
In a vine covered shack in the mountains
D                     G            A 
Bravely fighting the battle of time
     D                        G     
Is a dear one who's weathered life's sorrows
D                          A           D
It's that silvered haired daddy of mine

If I could recall all the heartaches
G                                 A
Dear old daddy I caused your to bear
A                       D    
If I could erase, those lines from your face
G                   E              A
And bring back the gold to your hair
D                     A            D
If God would but grant me the power
D                G           A
To turn back the pages of time
D                      G
I'd give all I own, If I could but atone
        D                  A         D
To that silvered haired daddy of mine

Chords are approximate. 

If you want additional songs from the same era, I have a few others that
have been passed down through the family.  Also, I'm always looking for
similar songs.

Jim H
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