Misc - Guitar Pro 5 Theme tab

Title: Guitar Pro 5 theme
Transcribed by: Harald ********
Email: harzzu@hotmail.com

First of all - this tab is 100% right.
This is played with a standard tuned acoustic guitar.
This is really easy to learn and is fun to play.

Ok - here goes!

Tuning (E A D G B e)

-------0--2h0-------|----------------|------------|--------------0--|--2-----|-----3----3---3-----|-3-----3----3---|------------|-----------2h3---|--2-----|---2------2-----2---|-----0------0---|------------|-----2---4-------|--2-----|-0------------------|----------------|------------|-------2---------|--0-----|--------------------|-3-----2----1---|------------|---0-------------|--------|--------------------|----------------|------------|-----------------|--------| Let ring ^ Let ring ^
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