Misc – Riding Into The Sunset tab

Riding into the Sunset
Western Song

tabbed by Dr. Linus Rebar

This is the music that plays in the background
of Western movies as cowboys ride their horses.
It isn't very difficult, but it's fun to play.
Just repeat these two lines over and over again.

Note to Ultimate-Guitar Officals: Please post
this on your website. It got turned down the
last time that I submitted it, but it is an
accurate tab. There are also about 20 people
who have asked me how to play this is the past
few days, so there is some demand for it. If 
for no other reason, perhaps you could post
this as an act of gratitude for the other
quality tabs that I have written and submitted.

Standard Tuninge|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------|A|----2-4--2----2-4--2----2-4--2----2-4--2-|E|-0---------0---------0---------0---------|
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