Misc – Spongebob Square Pants Theme tab

Standard Tuning (EADGBE)

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only be used for personal study.  Public distribution of this document is not
allowed without consent from the publisher

*NOTE: This is my first TAB, and I'm a newbie, so please comment on this if
 there is anything wrong or if I need to correct something.  Any critism, good or
bad, is welcome.


C major     G major     Am (A minor)   D major (edited)   B major
EADGBE      EADGBE      EADGBE         EADGBE             EADGBE
x32010      320003 or   002310 or      x0023x             224442 or
            355433      x02310                            799877

(Speaking normally)
When I ripped...... my pants!
I thought that I had everybody
Am                   D 
On my side...... But then I went
And blew it...... All sky high......
    C                          Am
And now she won't even spare a passing glance.....
D                           G
All because I.... ripped my pants!

(Male Choir) (All chords here strummed in 8th note rhythm)
When Big Larry came around to turn him down,  (ooooh)
Spongebob turned into a clown,
And no one ever wants to dance......
With the fool who went and.... ripped his pants!

(Solo Voice)  (Chords still strummed in 8th-note rhythm)
I know I shouldn't mope around,
I shouldn't curse.....
        C                   D
But the pain's just so much worse!
    G                         Am
And one thing I know for sure that isn't fun,
Bein' burnt from the sun....  
   G            B
Or sand in your buns!

(Single B strum)
Now I learned a lesson I won't soon forget  (ooooh)
For this I surely won't regret.....
Be true to yourself, don't miss your chance
G        C      Am    D        B     G
Like the fooool whooo riiipped hiiis paaants!

(C in DUM-Da-Da-DUM [I know it's silly, but say that to get the final 
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