Misc – You Are My Sunshine Punk tab

Tabbed by: Ray Chawke.
Song: You are my sunshine.

Hello, Ray here yet again. I downloaded this song a while ago and its cool but
its also EXTREMELY easy. The solo is the only part that will pose and problems.
Listen to the song to get the rythm and time to change the chords.

The other night dear....... {PM} E|---------|B|---------|G|-4-------|D|-4---2---|A|-2---2---|E|-----0---|
After playing the first verse with Palm Mute,play the rest of the song without palm mute. The whole song is only these two chords and id be here all day if i was to tell you when to change chords so listen to the song and work it out!
Solo: Riff 1E|----------|----------|----------|----------|B|-4-4-4-2--|-4~4-4-2--|-4-4-4-2--|-4~4-4-2--|G|--------4-|--------4-|--------4-|--------4-|D|----------|----------|----------|----------|A|----------|----------|----------|----------|E|----------|----------|----------|----------|
Riff 2E|-------4------|-------4---------------|B|-5---5--7-5-4~|-5---5---7-7h9-7-7-9---|G|---4----------|---4-----------------4-|D|--------------|-----------------------|A|--------------|-----------------------|E|--------------|-----------------------|
End Solo Riff.E|------------------------|B|--2-4-2------2-2h4-2----|G|-4------4-------------4-|D|----------4-------------|A|------------------------|E|------------------------|
Well thats it, very easy indeed. Imagine how many people you could impress by playin this simple song that sounds really complicated. Later, Ray..........
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