Misc - Braves Indian Chant tab

This tab is for the Atlanta Braves Indian chant that they play at their baseball
games. It's a trademark of the Braves, and sounds cool on guitar. Thought I'd tab
it out. Tuning is standard. Use distortion as you wish. Personally I like it
played clean with some wahs in it at the end of each riff. 
email me at arch_angel_06@yahoo.com.

Riff 1|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|--12r--10--12-10-7----5r--3--5-3-0--
Riff 2|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|--12r--10--12-10-7----5r--3--5-3-0--|------------------------------------
Riff 3|--12r--10--12-10-7----5r--3--5-3-0--|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------That's it. Hope you like it.
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