Misc - Little Guitar Riffs tab

just a little riff i made up, i think its cool
play it kinda fast and leave a space between each third andfourth power chord

e--------------------------- |b--------------------------- |g-----5555/7777/9999/101010- .|d-----0000/0000/0000/0-0-0-- .|a--------------------------- |e--------------------------- |
e--4-4/---3-3/---2-2/---1----b--4-4/---3-3/---2-2/---1----g--5-5/---4-4/---3-3/---2---- /=slided--6-6/---5-4/---4-4/---3----a--6-6/---5-5/---4-4/---3----e--4-4/---3-3/---2-2/---1----
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