Misc – Country Beat tab

Here's a country beat. I saw someone do this but with different chords so I just messed
around with it and came up with this.

  Throw in any chords you want as long as you play the root and then the chord.You can
use either root,chord,chord,chord or you can also use root,chord,root,chord,chord.It's
up to you.

standard tuning
|----0----0-0---------| |----2----2-2---------||----2----2-2---------| x2|----2----2-2---------||--0----0-------------||--------------0-2-4--|
|----2----2-2---------||----3----3-3---------||----2----2-2---------| x2|--0----0-------------| |---------------------||--------------0-2-4--|
Just add more chords if you want cuz anything sounds good if you put that last peace in (E-0-2-4-|) Add some words and you've got yourself a country song.
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