Mischief Brew – Thanks Bastards tab

			   Thanks Bastards! - Mischief Brew
Tabbed by: StairwaytoHeavn
Email: n0cturneshad0w@aol.com

This is a pretty awesome song from the CD Songs Under the Sink. I'm planning
on tabbing more from the CD and maybe even making an album tab eventually,
so look out for those tabs.

Chords: G Em C G' C' Em'e---3-----|---7-----|----8----|---3-----|---0-----|---0-----|B---3-----|---8-----|----8----|---3-----|---1-----|---0-----|G---4-----|---9-----|----9----|---0-----|---0-----|---0-----|D---5-----|---9-----|----10---|---0-----|---2-----|---2-----|A---5-----|---7-----|----10---|---2-----|---3-----|---2-----|E---3-----|---------|----8----|---3-----|---------|---0-----|
Intro: G G Em C G Thank you Mr. Officer Great for all the things you said to me, Em C for all the good that you have ever done. Without you, what would I be? You're the gas upon my flames, my love and rage all roll up into one. G' C' Em' C' For everytime your gun goes off, a new rebel is born. G' C' Em' C' So when there's 41 bullets, there's 41 thousand thorns G' C' Em' C' in your side, well take a ride down to Precinct 29, Am G' Em' and we'll sing and dance and break the code of silence. [G G Em C]x2 (Chords same as first verse) Thank you governor thank you governor to the mayor and, the commisioner your monster is alive now shes taken to the streets crashing through your opera house and tearing out the seats (Chords same as first prechorus) for all the times you sign your name, someone out there dies found a wallet, not a gun and mother's wiping tears from her eyes we despise your hollow truths and honest lies now you can't sing the monster into slumber
Prechorus IIe---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|B---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|G-4-3-0-0-|-4-3-3-3-|-3-2-0-2-|-3-2-0-0-|-4-3-0~~~|-3-4-3-3-|-2-3-4-3-|D---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|A---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|E---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|
C Thanks Bastards! \ Em | You made me what I am | G |x2 Thanks Bastards! | Em | I took the goods and ran / Em I took the goods and ran X3 [G G Em C]x2 Homeland security versus civil liberty I'm studying in the shadows of our state I've seen the bones they tried to hide cut-throat livings other side The flood of US bathwater displaced the funeral march of all the victims of your power war rob the right to steal the night and rebels shall be born forever more your the storm we should play after it pours and joy is sure to come after your silence. C Thanks Bastards! \ Em | You made me what I am | G |x2 Thanks Bastards! | Em | I took the goods and ran / Em I took the goods and ran X3
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