Mischief Brew - Tell Me A Story tab

			       Tell Me A Story - Mischief Brew
Tabbed by: StairwaytoHeavn
Email: n0cturneshad0w@aol.com

Theres two guitars in this one, an acoustic playing open chords, and an electric playing 
power chords, though they always play the same chord. It's really easy to tell when one 
is playing and when it isn't so I guess just listen to the song for that.


           Acoustic                                           Electric

D Dmaj7 D5 F# G Em Dsus4 D' Dsus2 D F# G Eme-(2)-|-----|-----|--2--|--3--|--0--|--3--|--5--|--0--| -----|-----|-----|-----|B--3--|--2--|--x--|--2--|--3--|--0--|--3--|--3--|--3--| -----|-----|-----|-----|G--2--|--2--|--2--|--3--|--4--|--0--|--2--|--2--|--2--| --7--|-----|-----|-----|D--0--|--0--|--0--|--4--|--5--|--2--|--0--|--0--|--0--| --7--|--4--|--5--|--2--|A--0--|--0--|--0--|--4--|--5--|--2--|-----|-----|-----| --5--|--4--|--5--|--2--|E-----|-----|-----|--2--|--3--|--0--|-----|-----|-----| -----|--2--|--3--|--0--|
Intro: D Dmaj7 D5
D F# Tell me a story, settle the cards. D F# Give me a cause for the foreign wars. Wrap me up in our flag, and let the bombs fall where they may. Tell me a tale, make the puzzle whole. Give it to the pilgrim without a soul. Sell it to the miner who can't afford his coal and may the history factory never close. __ \ G D (F# G F# Em F#)x2 |x2 __/ (Same as first verse) You can build an army of this rabble yet. You can make a nation from the ashes of the dead. Tell them a story: god blood and glory, brew up an enemy: they're comin' to steal your bread. And let the bombs fall where they may on faces I don't see with names I cannot say. For I trust the storyteller with my vote. I, pilgrim was sold a golden soul, sold a soul, sold his soul. __ \ G D (F# G F# Em F#)x2 |x2 __/ D Dsus4 Dsus4 D' D The first thing I remember? Dsus4 Waking up and seeing you there. Dsus4 D Dsus2 Comfort like a fire, like an answer to a prayer. Like a beacon in the blackness, solace from the racket. Take your shears to the briars. Kill the chaos, make it clear. (Same chord progression, but with electric playing the same chords) Tell me why the buildings fall and everybody dies. I have so many questions, just tell me where to sign... and I'll take up arms and lock all the doors and I'll tell them a story 'bout the good guys D(Palm muted) of the war, of the war. [D Dsus4 Dsus4 D] x2
Gmin7 Dmine---10----|---10----|B---11----|---10----|G---10----|---10----|D---12----|---12----|A---------|---------|E---------|---------|
Gmin7 Dmin Gmin7 Dmin Tell me a story to help me slip away. Gmin7 Dmin I drank up an enemy. Gmin7 Dmin So let the bombs rain from our parade and fall where they may. __ \ G D (F# G F# Em F#)x2 |x2 __/
Outro: x2 x2 x2 __e--------------||--------------||---------------------|| \B--3-333-4-3-3-||-6-666-7-6-6--||-10-101010-11-10--10-|| \G-----------2--||----------7---||----------------10---|| | x2D--------------||--------------||---------------------|| |A--------------||--------------||---------------------|| / E--------------||--------------||---------------------|| __/
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