Mischief Brew – Ramblers Ghost tab

Reinvention of the Printing Press

IntroE|-----------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------|G|------7p5--------------------------------------|D|-----------7p5-/3---------- 3-----------------|A|---------------------------6-----6-------------|E|--3-----------------3----------------3---------|
G Em C After C chord: A|---3--2--0------ Verse G Em C G Am C If they stopped at the wheel we’d never had swung in this tire Now that we know now everything that we didn’t know then Laugh like a king while you can til the bastions are stormed Chorus Em D C G The book was the last (?) the word was the law Em D C G But the tyranny ended… C G C D Don’t put it in park with miles to go G C D G Need a match nevermore shall we read in the dark Post-Chorus: C G D G C G D C G D G Bb C (G)(Play intro)
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