Mischief Brew – Stuffs Weird chords

AGot a little garden
*F#mpull the flags out of the sand
A *F#mlets point our fingers and hold our hands
A E A E Ddid you hear on the screen bout pollution in the river scene
A A/G# F#m E Dcan we burn them witches clean and purify
hey choir stuffs weird between you and I
A Got a little club house
*F#mever read so many rules
A *F#mThought the whole point here was to get away from church and school
A E A E Dnow a days hard to rock to the beat of your secret knock
A A/G# F#m E D and so its friends and pints we talk we try to find the gold between black and
white hey stuffs weird between you and I
F#m D Aevery cities got one that they don't talk about
F#m D Bm use to march along now he don't hang around
F#m D A turned the wrong way down a one way street
Bm F#mdrove on the red stopped on the green
D Ecried no court big enough to smother me
A *F#mgot a little dream house we could each one have it all
A *F#mbut you got to habit o' burned it down cause you don't like the color of the walls
A E A E D but its ok its alright you know your welcome anytime
A A/G# F#m E D i think of all the lines you help me bust outside
you say your first love lasts your life hey
Astuffs weird between you and I
*F#myou and I so it goes....
A A/G# F#m E D CGba ba badadada ba ba dadada X2
third time end on D song ends on A stuffs weird between you and I
*F#m =E 5
B 7 G 6 D 0 A 0 E
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