Misfits – Resurrection tab

          Artist: The Misfits
          Title:  Resurrection
          Album:  American Psycho
          Transcribed by: Pierre Mathieu
          Email: el_camello@metallica.com
          .... = PM
Intro D B G A D-77777--44444----------------------- A-55555--22222--55555--77777--------- E---------------33333--55555---------
Verse1 D B G A D-7-7777--4-4444------------------------- A-5-5555--2-2222--5-5555--7-7777--------- E-----------------3-3333--5-5555--------- .... .... .... ....
Riff2 G A B A D---------------------------------------- A-5555-7777-99999999-7------------------- E-3333-5555-77777777-5------------------- ........
Riff3 G A D C# B A D------------7---6---4---2--------------- A-5555-7777--5---4---2---0--------------- E-3333-5555------------------------------
Fill1 GGGG AAAA Outro D B G A D _________________________________________ Intro X2 Verse1 X2 Riff2 X2 Riff3 Fill1 Intro X2 Riff2 Riff3 Intro X4 Outro Very easy song. --Listen to song for the right timing !---, I think its fairly accurate. I think its tuned down a half-step (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, eb) but it sounds fine when I play it in standard tuning.
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