Misfits - Theme For A Jackal tab

MISFITSTHEME FOR A JACKALby guillermo luppi================== bassline:G|-----------------| Bassline is repeated 102x. Guitar adds notes,D|-------------3-5-| noise and feedback in the key of Cm. After theA|-3-3-5-5-6-6-----| final chorus, there is a piano solo as the songE|-----------------| fades out.
TV CASUALTY=========== bassline:G|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------| The guitar plays a G# powerA|-----7-6-----7-6-----7-6-----7-6-| chord over this riff.E|-4-4-----4-4-----4-4-----4-4-----|
bassline (6x) B A# (2x) G G# (3x) [2x] bassline (8x) B A# (2x) G G# (3x) [2x] bassline (8x) B A# (2x) G G# (3x) [4x] G# w/theme from "I Love Lucy"
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