Misfits – Speak Of The Devil tab

Ok guys this is my first typed tab, so bear with me. I was looking at tabs for this 
and I couldn't find an accurate one. So I decided to make one. It should be correct. Email 
if you have quetions Soullesspagan2@yahoo.com

OK your going to play in standard. (trust me)

Intro:e|0------------------------|B|-0-----------------------|G|--0----------------------| (repeat twice)D|---2225225522552255------|A|---2225225522552255------|E|---0003003300330033------|* strum quickly from 1st string and up.
Verse: (sorta similar to the only tab I could find but with a twist)
D|-----------------875-|A|-----------------875-| { the last part is a quick 3 strum.}E|0033003300330033-653PM................ (up and down strums on the PM part)
Ok heres where most tabs lacked. Fill: G|555555 D|555555 A|333333 E|------ Chourus: (can be played 2 ways) 1st way G|---2222555555 (Sing it to key it right)
2nd way G|---333555555
" spea--k of the Devi---l" (again anyway works if you key it right. Then there is a bridge Bridge:
Then outro is sorta similar to the intro Outro:
Song order Intro x2 verse x2 fill intro verse x2 fill chorus x2 bridge intro verse x2 fill chorus x6 bridfe verse x4 outro well I say it's more accurate than the ones I've read before. If you play the song and it I'm sure you'll be able to say it's like 100%.Or damn close Well that's my first TAB ever posted. lemme know how you like it. email me any quetions or comments. enjoy Fiends, _Torgeson
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