Misfits - Cough Cool tab

Band: Misfits
Song: Cough-Cool

Tabber: John Cukras
Email: riffreaper@yahoo.com

Tuning: normal

For as best as I can tell,
this is the Cough-Cool "collection II version".
I can't find the other version anywhere,
so ultimately I can not say for sure which this is.

Riff 1:E-----------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------|D-3/77777---------------3/77777-----------|A-1/55555 (18 secs) --- 1/55555 (30-------| secs)E-----------------------------------------|
Riff 2:E-------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------2 (59 secs) -------------------2 (1:11-------| secs)E-1/7~-5~-3~-2~------------------1/7~-5~-3~-2~----------------|
Riff 3:E----B----G----D---5A-5-3E-3-- Till end.
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