Misfits - Scarecrow Man tab version 1

Band:  Misfits
Song:  Scarecrow Man
Album: Famous Monsters
Tack:  10

/= slide
^= Bend

this is a very cool song with a very catchy solo, so i think its a great one to know coz 
sounds and look good!

now remember to use alternate picking on pt. 1, listen closely to the track and you will 
this does take some practice but when you get it you'll know!

pt. 1E|---------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------1010-1212-1010------------------------------|G|-99-1111-1212--------------1212-1111-1212-1111-1212-11/9-|D|---------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
please rate! any questions, email me at toocool4skool_61@hotmail.com
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