Miss Ivy - Evil Bride chords

Words and music by : Miss Ivy
official Website : www.missivy.ca

E C GYour evil bride is waiting for you outside
E C GShe dyed her seashell dress scarlet and has decided
ETo not walk down the aisle
CWith her usual fake smile
GShe must have thought about it for awhile
DBefore she became so hostile
EIt’s not my fault she can’t abide
CHis usual fake style
GAnd she prefers the windward side
DAnd wants to do things the way she decides
E C GShe wants to bide all her time travelling worldwide
EAnd learn how to scry
C Gand see how those things coincide
EIf she is out of sight
C GIt’s because she does hate lights
ESince she has to bite
C GShe only lives at night
E She knows exactly what you saw
CBecause of the threefold law
GIn spite of her best endeavours
DShe could not change her behaviour
EShe is surely one of a kind
CAnd everyone thinks she is fine
GBut if you’d see inside her mind
DYou’ll never guess there what you’d find
EA squandered soul maybe
C GAnd a bad memory of a banshee:
E C GA recent event that happened under a bead tree
E C GNo one ever noticed that she lives in misery
E C GBut that’s the price of life when you’re accused of witchery
EFar away from here is
CThe garden of the Hesperides
GAnd the Islands of the Blessed
DAnd a blissful dreadfulness
EIf you never come back to me
CI will end like Lady Jane Grey
GWhere were you when I needed you?
DSomeone who knows what I’m going through
E C GYour evil bride still waits for you outside
E C GIf you don’t show off, she must leave you for awhile
E C G There’s no forgiveness for all those who lie
E C GAnd only emptiness for all the others who cry
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