Mission – Serpents Kiss Acoustic tab

This is the acoustic version as Wayne Hussey plays it.

Intro chords:

C#m7 Bsus4 Bmaj7 F#suse|----0---------0------0--------0-----------------------------|B|----0---------0------0--------0-----------------------------|G|----6---------4------4--------3-----------------------------|D|----6---------4------3--------4-----------------------------|A|----4---------2------2--------4-----------------------------|E|----x---------X------X--------2-----------------------------|
Aadd9 F#msus4 F#me|--7--------7--------------9-------------------------------|B|--5--------4--------------10------------------------------|G|--6--------4--------------11------------------------------|D|--7--------4--------------11------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: C#m7 Bsus4 F#sus Foreign tongues in familiar places Surrender the thrills to the very core Forever young and blessed with nameless graces A love that kills and promises more Aadd9 F#msus4 F#m Ash on the carpet and dust on the mirror Aadd9 F#msus4 F#m Chasing shadows and the dreaming comes clearer Aadd9 F#msus4 Aadd9 F#msus4 Gasping for color, this perfect heart Chorus: C#m7 Bsus4 Screaming howl and the children play F#sus Serpents kiss for the words you pray C#m7 Bsus4 Whiskey and the devil and the witching hour F#sus Serpents kiss on that Aadd9 F#sus4 x2 untouched flower Searching for a haven, its no favor The fingers that shine Heart beats quicker as the veils start to fall I’ll be craving, the pleasures all mine Candles flicker as the devils dance on the wall Stroking the naked and the silence gets colder Stuck on the ceiling and the kissing gets bolder Biting my nails for fear of revenge
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