Mississippi John Hurt – I Shall Not Be Moved tab

			   I SHALL NOT BE MOVED- Mississippi Joh Hurt
Tabbed by: themanatease
Email: guitarbart@hotmail.com
Tuning: standard
This is not copy-righted material or a tab from an official tab book, I ear-transcribed 
this song, have fun playing it! Look at both the chords and the tabs:
      C           G                  C          F           C
G Ce|----------|-----------|B|-3-3--3-0-|-1---------|G|----------|-----------|D|--0--0-0-0|--2-2-2----| And on and on! just repeat this.A|----------|-3---3--2--|E|-3--3-3-3-|---3---3---|
the most difficult part is the part at the second C. You need to pluck 2 strings, the bass and the melody at the same time, but you will have to do it 5 times after each other. The plucking pattern changes there. If you keep that in mind, you will be able to play it the right way soon.
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