Misty Edwards - Doves Eye tab

Intro	D, Bbm7, G, Asus

 D                    Bbm7                                G

I don't wanna talk about you, like you're not in the room,


I wanna look right at you,

                         ( D Chord Connects to Riff )

I wanna sing right to you.

( Repeat )

Riff	D, Bbm7, G, Asus

D          Bm7

I believe, you are listening

G                 Asus

I believe, that you move at the sound of my voice

( Repeat )

             D2   D/B                       

So give me Dove's eyes, 

           G                        Asus

Give me undistracted devotion for only you.

( to Intro )

( accapella )
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