Misty Edwards - I Am Yours tab version 2

                       I AM YOURS - Misty Edwards

Listen to the song to find out what to repeat and when.


e|-----------5---5----5--5p3--------------3-------------------|B|----[3]--3----3-------------3--------3------3---------------|G|---[2]--2-2--2-2-------------------0----------0-------------|D|--[0]--0----0-------0-----------(0)-------------0-----------|A|------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------3--------3----------3---------|Shapes: D G
e|-----------5---5-----5--5p3--------------3------------------|B|----[3]--3----3-------------3--------3------3---------------|G|---[2]--2-2--2-2-------------------0----------0-------------|D|--[0]--0----0-------0-----------(0)-------------0-----------|A|------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------3--------3----------3---------| Though I sleep...
e|-----------5---5----5--5p3--------------3-------------------|B|----[3]--3----3-------------3--------3------3---------------|G|---[2]--2-2--2-2-------------------0----------0-------------|D|--[0]--0----0-------0-----------(0)-------------0-----------|A|------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------3--------3----------3---------| Though it's night...
e|----------------------0--------------------------3-------|B|----------------2--------------------------3-------------|G|----------2--------2-----------------0-------0-----------|D|---------2----2------2--------------0-(0)------0---------|A|--------0--(2)-------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------3-------3--------------| (repeat)It's been a long night... And I am hungry...
Bm A G So I'll wait in the stillness again Bm A G So I'll wait in the quiet again D/F# For when I heard Your voice D When you said my name Bm When I heard Your voice A My heart, it yearned D/F# In the middle of the night G In the middle of the night Bm In the middle of the night A My heart, it yearns D/F# Though You're far away, G Still I'm here to say Bm A I am Yours, I am Yours D/F# G A And I pay my vows, no turning around D/F# G A I burn the bridges, they can't be found Chord shapes: D: [xx0235] Bm: [x23342] G: [3x0033] D/F#: [200232] A: [x02220] ************************************ | [] play bracketed notes the first time you play the section only | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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