Mitch Benn – Love Handles chords

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A   D    x4

Verse 1
A F#mEvery day we'd see them, in all the magazines
EThey don't look like anybody, we've ever really seen
A F#mThey make us feel so ugly, but now it's time to stop cos
EThey don't look like that either, without the aid of Photoshop so
Chorus 1 --------
D ELove your love handles, love your double-chin
A F#mand your receding hairline, and all your saggy skin and
D E Asee your folds and creases in a whole new way, starting today
Verse 2 ------- Some people try their hardest, to make all our lives hell cos They've all got moisturisers, and diet drinks to sell Don't have to ask permission, to be heard or seen Don't need to make excuses, for being a human being, so Chorus 2 -------- Love your love handles, love your laughter lines Cos every one's a medal, for all the happy times Love your bumpy eyelids and your wonky nose, so everyone knows Bridge ------
G BmAll of our impefections, all our asymmetry
G BmThey're an important part of, what makes us you and me
Am CWho cares what someone looks like, long as they have their health
G EBe good to everybody, starting with yourself, cos
Verse 3 ------- We're not all supermodels, we're not all movie stars Most of us look exactly, like what we really are We feel like we're abnormal, but that's ridiculous cos there's maybe a couple of hundred of them and six and a half billion of us Chorus 3 -------- Love your love handles, love you crooked teeth Cherish that wobbly tummy, and whatever lies beneath now Love your fuzzy nipples, and your droopy chest, and all of the rest Chorus 4 -------- Love your love handles, love your dimply thighs Lanky, dumpy, scrawny, whatever shape or size You'll find you can be happy, comfortable in, your own skin
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