Moby Grape - 8 05 tab version 2

First of all, credit goes to the original songwriters and the Grape as a band. This is
an amazing song, and my guitar teacher and I have worked out a tab for it based on the
actualy recording and this youtube video
(, which helps you visualize 
a bit who to play it if you have trouble following
this, you have to excuse me cause it's my first tab ever writing.

The verses are really quite simple, with some chord changes which are already posted on here, and a bassline, and since the Grape have 3 guitarists and a bassist, I've tried to incorporate the bass part with the chords, but it's definitely up for personal interpratation:
Bm E A E A D C#m Bm A|--2---2----2--2----0----0------0-----0-----0---------2-----2---4---2---0--||--3---3----3--3----0----0------2-----2-----2---------3-----3---5---3---2--||--4---4----4--4----1----1------2-----2-----2-2-0-----2-----2---6---4---2--||--4---4----4--4----2----2------2-----2-----2-2-1-2-0-0-----0---6---4---2--||--2---2----2--2----2----2----0-0--0--0-0-0-0-0-2-4-----------4-4-2-2-0-0--||---------2-------0-0--0-0--4---------------------------0h2----------------|
Occasionaly on one of the ending chords, particularly the A at the end of each verse, and the E at the end of the bridge, they'll do something like this:
The next verse is exactly the same except with an A7 at the end of it and the rest, as borrowed from the guy who posted the chords, is like this, with the walking bassline throughout to add some spice to it: Bridge: D Bm Please change your mind C#m A Before my sunshine is gone D Do you think you could try G Do you think you could try E Do you think you could try Instrumental break: A Bm E A //// //// //// //// D C#m Bm A A7 //// // // //// //// Repeat bridge A Bm Please understand how I feel E A Until I can prove it to you D C#m Don't fill my world with rain E E7 A You know your tears will only bring pain in my heart Bm E 8:05 A I guess you're leaving... goodbye
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