Moby – Thats When I Reach For My Revolver tab

Artist: Moby
Title: That's when I reach for my revolver
CD: Animal rights

Transcribed by: Jeroen De Meyer (Belgium),, Die Loipe Majer Band

Intro: (clean) Em e|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------| repeatD|---2----2---------|A|--2----2---2------|E|-0----0-----------|
Verse: Em Am (light distortion) Chorus: (heavier distortion) A5 D5 G5 G5 D5 A5 A5 D5 F# Verse Chorus Middle : strumming of F# Sorry, but I don't know how to play the solo. Chorus If you know the solo, or you have any corrections, plz email me: !
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