Modest Mouse – Summer tab

By Modest Mouse

I really like the beat of this song so I figured there should be better tab for it. Mind 
this is my first one but I think I've done pretty good.

So when you play it just kinda try to keep the beat and between the strokes you kinda 
your fingers off the fret board so it dampens the strings. That gives it the cool beat.

So this is what's repeated for most of the song:

-7--x--x--7--x--7--7--x--7--7-|-7--x--x--7--x--9---9---x--7--7-|-7--x--x--7--x--7--7--x--7--7-|-7--x--x--7--x--9---9---x--7--7-|-8--x--x--8--x--8--8--x--8--8-|-8--x--x--8--x--9---9---x--8--8-|-9--x--x--9--x--9--9--x--9--9-|-9--x--x--9--x--11--11--x--9--9-|-9--x--x--9--x--9--9--x--9--9-|-9--x--x--9--x--11--11--x--9--9-| Then repeat-7--x--x--7--x--7--7--x--7--7-|-7--x--x--7--x--9---9---x--7--7-| and enjoy
On the 9th fret barre chord I think the middle finger come off because alot of will do that to vary it. Well, I hope it works for you. Comments would be nice.
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