Modest Mouse - Perfect Disguise tab

			     Perfect Disguise  - Modest Mouse
Tabbed by: Andrew Stromski
Tuning: Standard
NOTE* Some of the other tabs are missing some notes and they are played in
first position which makes them sound slightly off. I tabbed this in a
different position with some more notes that were missing. First tab, but
almost pefect.


Intro:Bar 5th frets with pointer finger, then use pointer finger on fret 4
and hold before sliding down to 2.

Part One: Pinky on 4th fret G string, ring finger on 4th fret D string,
Pointer finger barring 2nd frets on B and G strings. All notes are 8th
notes. The slide down to 2 at the end is the transition to Part 2. (Note
this is not the exact timing that modest mouse uses but it sounds better
when played like this)

Part Two: Sorry if this looks confusing, the () is played the second time
and the [] is played the third time. Bar 2nd frets on D and G string with
pointer finger to make it easier to maintain the ring. The last two notes
of the second variation are played quickly. the last 2/4 is played for the
first two variations and is the transition back to Part One.

Part Three: I gave two options of how to play this, both work really well.
The first is chords (Pick your own strum pattern), the second is an improv
line that I made up, and that line can be molded to your personal style if
you wish to mix it up.

e|--------------------|B|-5-----5------------|G|---5h6---6--4\2--2--| X2 (Intro)D|--------------------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
e|-----------------------------------|B|----2---------------2--------------|G|------4---2h4---2------4---2h4-----| (Part One)D|--4-----4-----4---4------4-----4\2-|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|---------4--2----4(4)--2(2)-----| (Part Two W/ Variations)D|-2(2)[2]~------2~-----------2/4-| () = 2nd variation(4-2 played quick)A|--------------------------------| [] = 3rd variation (Hold the 2)E|--------------------------------|
e|-------|-----------------------------------------|B|-------|-----------------------------------------|G|--4---2|-----6-4---6--4----------4-2---4--2------| (Part Three)D|--4---2|---4-----4-------4\2---2-----2-------2/4-|A|--2---0|-----------------------------------------|E|-------|-----------------------------------------|
Order: Intro X2 Part One Part Two Part One Part Two (2nd variation) Part One Part Two (3rd variation) Intro X2 Part One Part Two Part One (2nd Variation) Part Three X7 Part One Part Two Part One Part Two Intro X2 Part One
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