Modest Mouse - King Rat tab version 4

Song: King Rat
Artist: Modest Mouse
Album: Fire It Up/Dashboard Singles
Tabbed by: J Goddard (

This tab is just for the intro to the song. A couple of tabs have already been done for 
but I find this method a whole lot easier to play when fingerpicking.

e|-------------------|B|----11--------11---|G|-------12-----12---| x 4D|-10-------10--10---|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
Just play this twice and then go into the verse on:
e|-------------------|B|----11--------11---|G|-------12-----12---| x 2D|-10-------10--10---|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
That's it. Or at least, that's how it sounds in the song. Anyway, if you see any or if your are confused or whatever, e-mail me on the address above. Thanks :)
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