Modest Mouse - Fly Trapped In A Jar tab version 2

Chords used: D - C - G - F - A

Note: There are no chords (as far as I can tell) in the song really, save for the 
piano bit. So these chords are designed to follow the bass and lyrics, and is 
meant to played if your solo. Or who knows, maybe shit would be dope with a band, 
never tried playing this arrangement with others.

Intro and outre chords are not barred. But it sounds better for the rest of the 
song. But it's completely optional.

D: 057777 or 000232
C: 035555 or 032010
G: 355433 or 320003
F: 133211 or 003211
A: 002220 or 577655

Intro melody:e-----------------------|-----------------------|B-----------------------|-----------------------|G----------5h7p5--------|-----------------------|D-----7-----------5h7---|--2h3--3---------------|A--5--------------------|----------3p2-3/5------|E-----------------------|-----------------------|
Intro Chords: D C G F All part and parcel, we were already dead G C Well, it's probably been said F A That it's always been said that D C G F C A One wing isn't even enough, it isn't even enough, it isn't even enough to leave. (Do as many times necessary) The groovy riff:
e-----------------------------|--------------------------|B--/10--10--10----------8--8--|--8-----------------------|G---------------10------------|-----5--5--5--4--4--3--3--|D-----------------------------|--------------------------|A-----------------------------|--------------------------|E-----------------------------|--------------------------|(Do as many as you need)
Verse: D I'm gonna shake myself right out the door! C G I'm going to thank myself when it's finally over F I'm going to let my old bad self take over C A I'm going to move my arm out with my shoulder AND D C G F C A One wing wasn't even enough, it wasn't even enough, it wasn't even enough to live! Verse 2: Riff:
variation 1e--------------------|----------------------------|B--------------------|----------------------------|G--9-9-x-xx-9-9-x-xx-|--6--6--7--7--9--9--12--12--|D--x-x-x-xx-x-x-x-xx-|--x--x--x--x--x--x--x---x---|A--7-7-x-xx-7-7-x-xx-|--4--4--5--5--7--7--10--10--|E--------------------|----------------------------|
variation 2e--------------------|--------------------------|B--------------------|--------------------------|G--9-9-x-xx-9-9-x-xx-|--7--7--6--6--5--5--4--3--|D--x-x-x-xx-x-x-x-xx-|--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--|A--7-7-x-xx-7-7-x-xx-|--5--5--4--4--3--3--2--1--|E--------------------|--------------------------|
D C G First off, Gary was on dry and drunk before we'd left bed F C A As things got bad it wasn't hard to say that he had no idea D Well I hadn't noticed but the people really noticed C G That they really didn't want us around F C A So we all just opened up our mouths and wallets to this town D Well, I was walking just a little bit sideways C G And you were walking sideways, too F C A Well, I hadn't learned when a front door can be used Here we go, sir!
Then this bit comes in:e-----------------------------|------------------------|B-----------------------------|------------------------|G--/9----/11----/12----/19----|--12----7--6--5--4\3----|D-----------------------------|------------------------|A-----------------------------|------------------------|E-----------------------------|------------------------|
D C G We had docked in dark, so we didn't read what the sign read F Though simple enough, it was demure and tough: C A "The ground needs to be fed" Well I hadn't noticed, but the people really noticed That they really didn't want us around So not a single one of us would ever leave town Here we go sir! Here's what I play for the verse below :
| | v Our bodies were laid out evenly for fifteen yards Two feet above each of our heads was a fly trapped in a jar Well we hadn't noticed but the people really noticed That they really didn't want us around So every single one of us fed the ground! Outro: Groovy riff a few times
e-----------------------|-------------------|B--------------------6b-|-------------------|G-----------------------|--7--7--6--6--5----| do this 3 timesD--7--7--7--6--6--5-----|-------------------|A-----------------------|-------------------|E-----------------------|-------------------|
e-----------------------------|--------------------------|B--/10--10--10----------8--8--|--8-----------------------|G---------------10------------|-----5--5--5--4--4--3--3--|D-----------------------------|--------------------------|A-----------------------------|--------------------------| E-----------------------------|--------------------------| ^then on the 4th time end with this
Then the last chord outro. D C All part and parcel G F Well, it's probably been said G C That it's always been said F A We were already dead -------------------------------------------- So it ain't perfect, but it's better then nothin'.
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