Modest Mouse – Point A To Point B Infinity tab

From Point A to point B (Infinity)
by Modest Mouse

x: mute note

Okay so I've read a bunch of tabs for this and none of them get it really right, now I 
don't think this is *just* right but then

again I'm pretty sure that if you asked Brock or any of the MM members how they played 
this originally I doubt they'd really know,

so I think this sounds pretty good and can be played by one guitar/ keyboard.

This may not sound exactly right at first, so you might want to adjust it a little bit to how you have the song in your head, but it works for me just fine. "Chrorus": okay first of all let me say this mayn't exactly how you'd want to strum it, but it should be easy to figure out what works for you best. Also not sure if the D string should be muted or not, personally I mute it sometimes and others I just play
Second part: Okay the second part is played by an accordition or a keaboard of some sort, here are the notes played (not much point to playing them on the guitar of course, just use a keyboard, but since this is a guitar tab...).
It may sound like a note or two is missing from the first part, but I think if you hear carefully it's just the chords he (whoever that is) plays with his left hand. By the way, the chords are F and A#, and it goes like this F Ooooooonly you know how, A# That broke F I've been working on the railroad time ha-ho A# Not a hundred percent sure these are the actual lyrics, but you get it. Very fun to play.
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