Modest Mouse – Trailer Trash tab

Basically it just uses the chords from Blame it on the Tetons.

G  D  Am  C  x2

G                                   D
Eating snow flakes with plastic forks
And a paper plate of course

Am            C
You think of everything

G                         D
Short love with a long divorce

And a couple of kids, of course

Am                   C
They don't mean anything

G                          D
Live in trailers with no class

God damn, I hope I can pass

Am                  C    
High school means nothing

G                           D
Taking heartache with hard work

God damn, I am such a jerk

Am           C
I can't do anything

G D Am C   x2

G                             D
And I shout that you're all fakes

And you should've seen the look on your face

And I guess that's what it takes

When comparing your belly aches

G                     D
And it's been a long time

Which agrees with this watch of mine

And I know that I miss you

and I'm sorry if I dissed you

G D Am C   x2

[repeat whole song again]
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