Modwheelmood – Problem Me chords

Left handed

verse1  C C F F a a C C (3x) C C F F a a G G
chorus  a a G G F F F F (4x)
verse2 C C F F a G C C (3x) C C F F a a G Gchorus
outro C C F F a G C C (4x) Doesn't get more simple than that. Come with me Staying here would change what you should be A parody of all the things that you supposed to be Let it go Even when it hurts like you don't know Reality: It's never quite the sweetest ride, you see And then you hide- red wine, old times, no time, cash flies This time, I might blow into smithereens Like Jack, come back Christmas, where you've been? Relax, tell me what's the worry Who's the problem me? (repeat)
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