Moffatts - Dont Walk Away chords

The Moffatts
Don't Walk Away
Chapter I: A New Beginning
1998 EMI Records
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Key: A then B

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A -     x02220
E -     022100
D       xx0232
F#m -   244222
A/C# -  x476xx
E/G# -  476xxx
Bm -    x24432
B -     x24442
F#/Bb - x143xx
G#m -   466444
B/Eb -  x698xx
F# -    244322

Intro: A--E-D- x2

Verse 1:
A Look in my eyes and
E Dlet the moment begin
A You make me feel
E Dlike I can do anything
A One look from you just
E Dsends my troubles away
F#m E D What I would do
E F#m(What I would do)
E D Eto be with you
Chorus 1:
ADon't walk away
F#mWhy don't you stay
BmI've been waiting
A/C# Efor somebody like you
APlease don't walk away
E/G# F#mWhy won't you say
BmThat you're ready and
A/C# Eyou're feeling it too
D A/C# Bm A/C#Cause if it's love
D A/C# EIf it's love
Then don't walk away Interlude: A--E-D Verse 2:
A I wanna show you I've
E Dgot nothing to hide
A Don't be afraid of what
E Dyou're feeling inside
A Deep in my heart there
E Dis nobody but you
F#m E D What I would do
E F#m(What I would do)
E D Eto be with you
(Repeat Chorus 1)
Chorus 2: Modulate from A to B
BDon't walk away
G#mWhy don't you stay
C#mI've been waiting
B/Eb F#for somebody like you
BPlease don't walk away
F#/Bb G#mWhy won't you say
C#mThat you're ready and
B/Eb F#you're feeling it too
E B/Eb C#m B/EbCause if it's love
E B/Eb F#If it's love
B F# E B(hold)Then don't walk away
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