Moffatts - Written All Over My Heart tab

Person: Edward

song: Written All Over My Heart

artist: The Moffatts

tab: The Moffatts-Written All Over My Heart
by Edward,
Intro: Am C C/B    2x

Verse 1: (Fill 1 + Bass) Am C G Here I go again, well I canít hold it anymore Am C G I canít hold the pain, the pain has knocked down this old door Am C G I donít know what to do, I donít know what to do about you Chorus: Am G Itís written all over my heart, my soul C F C G F Well I canít let her know, I canít let it show, I canít let it go Am G C F Am Itís written all over my heart and soul, if I could I let her know G F Iíd let her know Verse 2: (Fill 2 + Bass) Here I go again, well I canít make it on my own Where do I begin, when I feel so all alone I donít know what to do, I donít know what to do about you Back to chorus Well I canít seem to face it, oh that I am here and you are there And you donít seem to really care, well you canít seem to face it Whatís left of me is for you to see
Solo: (2x)|------------------------------------------------8-9-----||--------------------------------------------8-9---------||-9-7-5/7-9/10-9--9-7/5-4/5------------5-7/9-------------||----------------------------------5-7-------------------||----------------------------5-7-8-----------------------||--------------------------------------------------------|
Back to chorus
Fill 1:|-----3---||-0/1-----||---------||---------||---------||---------|
Fill 2:|-5---5-7-8---5---5-7-8-7---5---5-7-8-5---5---5-7-8---5---5-7-8-------||---5-----------5-------------5-------------5-----------5-------8-----||---------------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------|
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