Moffatts – We Are Young chords

Intro: G D C D (x2)

*G Do you remember me
*D 'Cause I remember you
*C I was a little scared
DI never knew what I could do
*G It was like a light
*D In the middle of the night
*C C D C When I realized that fear was something I could lose
DI'll never turn around, anymore
G DWe are young, we are free
C DYou can run away with me
G DWe are young, we are free
C DIf you only believe
G D C DThat everything you want is not so far away
C D G D C D G D C D We are young, we are young, forever forever
(verse 2 same chords as verse 1) Everywhere to go, everything to see If you wanna know, just take my hand and come with me Just another day, living my own way If you take a chance then you can have your fantasy I'll never turn around, anymore Chorus Adlib: G D C D (x4)
Em D If you don't believe
CIn all of your dreams
D EmThen your fear will never go away
DIf you open your eyes
C I know you will see
DThat we're young and we're free
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